Todo al Carbon





This restaurant features an outside chicken grilll ,  an outside patio as well as  airy interior restaurant with wooden tables which includes  napkin dispensers  as well as oil and vinegar on the tables.   Dishes are served with stainless cutlery. The restaurant is situated on a fairy busy local street, so the noise factor is not excessive.

The  bilingual menu features a good selection of beef, pork, poultry and seafood but is well known locally for their open air grilled chicken. Serves breakfast starting at 8:00 AM and will serve  throughout the day.   They are very accommodating when substitutions are requested and will also cater to the individual that can not find an item on the menu that they would like.  As an example they  will prepare a pasta dish upon request to satisfy vegetarian  (even though they do have a selection of salads),  and / or children needs.

This restaurant is  a family oriented environment, wheelchair accessible.  The Manager, Vladimir is very charming and  will accommodate you as best they can.   At the moment, they also feature a singer on Saturdays  who will come to your table and sing your favorite songs .