Tocumen International Airport





From the time it began operations, Tocumen International Airport has been recognized as one of the more important airports in the region. Panama?s privileged geographic position, as a meeting spot between the two Americas and for the entire world, has maintained it permanently as a key element in the area of air transportation, where it has distinguished itself with regard to experience and security. 

Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, S.A. is a company that is registered in Panama and is formed under the provisions of Law No. 23 of January 29, 2003, which provides the regulatory framework for the management of airports and aerodromes in Panama. This law states that the companies formed under it will be autonomous, but 100% of their shares always will be owned by the state and will be non-transferable.

Tocumen, S.A. has a large team of professionals who are specialized in various areas such as aviation, management, finance, law, systems, communications, and so forth, which allows coordination among the various branches of the business in an efficient and successful manner