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Coronado - PlayaBlanca Panama


AQUA FIT: A water lover’s dream! A full workout that strengthens and tones your whole body, while achieving cardio vascular benefits and burning calories (Playa Blanca Only).

BEACH FIT: Drive your body and mind with an incredible overall workout. This class offers various elements to condition your body, with emphasis on cardio, strength, and agility.

BODY SCULPTING: Our most popular class! Experience a fusion of resistance training, pilates, and yoga all combined into one class. Regardless of your level of fitness, you will benefit from the perfect combination of strength, endurance, and flexibility, that trains the large muscle groups of the whole body!

DANCE FIT: Energize your body with the Latin vibe. This popular class uses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow dance moves to create an intense workout that you cannot resist. Burn calories, tone your body, and enjoy Latin rhythms all combined into one amazing class you will not forget.

YOGACISE: Yoga with a twist. Discover the relaxing influence of yoga combined with muscle conditioning by strengthening and lengthening postural muscles that are under daily stress.