Los Camisones



Mr. Camison

Phone(507) 9933622

La Hermita, San Carlos,
KM 104 Inter-American road, between the entrance to El Valle de Anton, and Santa Clara.
It is 10 minutes west of Coronado.
Monday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: from 11:00 a.


I must admit that I was seeking a story behind the name of the restaurant, since the word Camisones means “the nightgowns”, or “large shirts”, but my imagination and curiosity were quickly dismissed by a simple response… it is the owner’s last name.

Located in the town of La Hermita, KM 104 on the Pan-American road, Los Camisones have served the nearby beach and mountain crowds for 21 years with quality meals in a rustic environment.

The place started as a palapa, and due to increasing demand, they have undergone many additions including a palapa extension, a terrace, a bar, and now a nice garden.

The first thing you see when you enter the place is a sign that reads “aquí se hacen amigos” meaning “we make friends here”.

The menu is extensive and there are many Spanish inspired dishes as well as latin creole creations.

We started with the “piquillos” scallop stuffed red bell peppers in a creamy sauce, a great way to wet your appetite, the scallops were tender and juicy and the richness of the bell peppers was just the perfect mix of flavors.

A popular dish is the lobster croquettes, served with a special house mayonnaise.

Who said garlic? A clay casserole arrives with jumbo shrimp covered in sautéed and thinly minced garlic, juicy, tasty and cooked perfectly. Their Creole tomato base sauce is also a great version of this dish, sometimes the favorite version depending on the palate’s mood.

Last but far from least the “cochinillo” or suckling pig, one of the best if not the best in the whole country, the combination of the crispy and flavorful crust in contrast with the juicy tender meat, makes an incredibly savory, should feel guilty but won’t feel guilty dish.

Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself; this is it, the ultimate pampering therapy.

Other famous dishes are paellas, Spanish omelet, oxtail in a red wine reduction, stuffed calamari, breaded mushrooms, octopus cocktail, and any dish that is served in Creole sauce.

Los Camisones is famous for attracting the social and political elite, including mainstream personalities such as TV hosts and legendary sportsmen, as a regular crowd.