la Estancia





Located on Panamerican highway, right after the turn off to Coronado (direction San Carlos), across the street from Macdonald’s, Parrillada La Estancia is a new option in the area for the people who love grilled meats.

Small restaurant that can accommodate 7 tables in the air-conditioned interior area.  Very simply furnished with wooden square tables and wooden chairs.  Nothing on the tables. The menu, with pictures, is displayed on the wall so that you can see what your plate will look like and is very helpful since the menu is only in Spanish. .  The food is served on sizzling platters with wooden handle utensils. They also have a covered patio overlooking the main road, which can accommodate 6 square tables.

The Parillada platter at $7.25 included generous pieces of meat:   a pork chop, piece of beef, chicken, as well as a sausage (Chorizzo) and  french fries.  All came piping hot on a cast iron skillet on a board.  The small house salad was served on a Styrofoam  side plate.  Quite a tasty and filling dish.  The service was courteous, fast and efficient.    Our meal for two cost $16.50 with tip.  Pretty good value quality / quantity / price for a die-hard meat lover!

Accept Visa, MasterCard and Clave.