Don Chacho Grill





The English / Spanish menu features a good selection of beef, pork, poultry and seafood.  Featured also is a very hearty Chef Special for $22.00, which includes a glass of wine.  Menu has some Panamanian favorites, including Sancocho – a Panamanian soup dish made with chicken. Lobster is available and priced according to weight. A good $7 value meal includes ½ chicken with a side of fries, patacones or yucca and soft drink.

Chicken is open roasted over a wood fire and marinated Baby Back Ribs is smoked over the same.
 Breakfast service starts at 8:00 AM, until 11:30 am. Separate breakfast menu.
Vegetarian options – mixed salad and steamed vegetables.

Don Chacho’s is named after Miguel’s Father who brought the first wood fire grill from Paraguay. In Coronado, the restaurant has become known for its wood flame grilled chicken. It was made famous in the early beginnings when Miguel ran the open air grill on the side of the road. Today, the restaurant’s menu has diversified. While still satisfying their grilled chicken craving customers, patrons now have variety of options to choose from.  Don Chacho’s proudly claims to be the only wood flame grill in Panama.