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Coronado Golf & Beach Club.
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Coronado Golf

In a beautiful setting, you can play golf in one of the best professional courses in Latin America, created by the famous designers Tom and George Fazio. It has 18 holes, par 72, with 7,116 yards.

Our professional golf course of 18th holes, par 72


The Coronado Golf Course was designed by George and Tom Fazio. When we selected them as Designers they were rated among the top three (3) world golf course designers.

When George passed away, Tom continued to work, accepting only five jobs a year to enable him to give personal attention to each job.

Today Tom Fazio has been chosen by Golf Digest as the world's top golf course designer.

For Coronado it is an honor to have a golf course designed by the number one in the world.

The New Executive Golf Course

Located aside of the Driving range, you will find a place to relax and enjoy 9 holes, all of them par 3, exclusively designed to all the amateurs who like to improve themselves and for golf clinics directed to children, ladies and gentlemen. Also this Executive Golf Course is appropriate to celebrate corporate tournaments and specially the very fashion and fun night tournaments.

Coronado Golf Academy

Mission and Objective
Promote and encourage golf in all sectors and ages providing quality service and professional training to develop the maximum potential of each player.

Professional Personal System
At the golf academy we have an adequate infrastructure to guide and improve to the maximum your golf level, at all levels and for all ages. We are firm believers that practice, in addition to a professional infrastructure, is the key to reach your objectives.

For that we have:

  • Excellent professional and programs under a structured and specific system that will guide you to reach the desired level in a specific period of time.
  • With an innovative evaluation and goal system, each student will have a clear picture of the level his/her goals are at and the necessary procedures to obtain them.
  • An evaluation in the different areas of this sport by which the student obtains a clear picture of what he/she is being taught.
  • Body and club mechanic before and during the swing
  • Level of the short and long game
  • Strategy in the golf course
  • Consistency in the strokes and much more

Support equipment
We have high technology equipment to analyze the swing and equipment to help you practice. This computerized equipment is of enormous help to work out doubts that you may have about how the swing feels and what you are really doing. 
By instant video you can identify, in the practice area, the corrections to make and the goals to meet. In addition it helps to evaluate the changes that are made since the first class.

We have one of the best facilities in Latin America. A complete driving range, Club Fitting equipment, complete shop to repair clubs and professional equipment to adjust the lie and loft of irons and a professional course designed by George and Tom Fazio.

Coronado Golf Proshop

This is the rightplace for you to shop. You can rent Golf carts, Golf equipment, and Tennis rackets. You can buy Sun tan lotions, swim wear, hotel souvenirs, handicrafts, magazines, books and well known brand of sports wear adults and children alike. You forgot your golf shoes? You can buy a pair at our Pro Shop. Almost anything you may need, from first aid to bottled water, we have it! This is the place where you can reserve your TEE time and start your day of golf.

Coronado Golf

Club Fitting


The Coronado Golf & Beach Resort has the equipment and five years of experience measuring and determining the specifications for custom made clubs for each player. With these specification, the manufacturer can assemble the clubs so that the result is perfect. These clubs are registered with the same company under the buyer's name, so that whenever a new club is required or need to be replaced, the company will made and send the club with the previous specifications.

We firmly suggest that the clubs you purchase are custom made.

Importance of having custom made Clubs

The clubs have many specifications. The flexibility of the rod, the flex point (location of the flexibility on the rod), loft (angle of the face of the club especially the driver), width of the grip, length of the club and the more important fact, is the lie angle of the club.

When a player has custom made clubs, he/she has greater probability of hitting the ball straight and of controlling its trajectory.

When the player is shorter than the standard or the plane of the swing is too flat, because the club is not custom made, it will reach the impact in such position. This will make the ball goes to the right of the objective and most likely will not hit with the center of the club.

When the player is taller than the Standard or the plane of the swing is too upright, because the club is not custom made, it will reach the impact zone in that position. This will make the ball goes to the left of the objective and most likely will not hit with the center of the club, causing weak strokes with little distance.